Facebook F8 - A Partnership with Amplify

Every year Facebook hosts their famous Facebook Developer Conference and this year the F8 event took place this year in San Jose, California, on May 1 and 2.

Our team of creative and talented intergalactic pros partnered with Amplify, a UK-based brand experience agency, who worked directly with Facebook this year to design the conference stage and experience as a whole.

The Concept

For their 2018 conference, Facebook wanted something different to what they had done in previous years. So our partner Amplify, came up with an exciting design involving eight giant 20x10 ft moving screens on the stage that run in three different rails. The screens can slide to the centre of the stage and back to the sides, offering a parallax experience to the viewer, and when three of them come together they would form one even larger screen where astonishing images and videos can be projected on a 16 x 9 ratio.

For their concept to be better visualized, Amplify asked Intergalactic to create an immersive experience using Virtual Reality—more specifically, using the Oculus Rift. With VR we were able to provide Amplify with the means to truly feel the immersion and being able to visualize it in full scale before fully committing valuable time and resources into building this awesome experience.

The goal of our VR application in partnership with Amplify, was to provide Facebook with a powerful and impactful visualizing tool so that their team would be able to see how the venue would be and how the giant screens would behave. We've also enabled the teleportation feature, making it possible for the viewer to "travel" to different places of the virtual environment so that they could have an idea of how the F8 event would be experienced by participants seated at different corners of the venue and by Mark Zuckerberg himself up on stage.

The Solution

Intergalactic created a captivating Virtual Reality experience using Unreal Engine, a game engine that allows people to view content in real time. We worked with the floor plans and the assets provided by our partner Amplify, and polished everything in order to get them up and running in the VR engine.

Because we were working with a closed environment, we needed to make sure we studied in depth how the lighting would be shown, especially due to our concern regarding the spotlights interfering with the virtual stage and large screens. Many screenshots were shared between our teams and we also made a few videos of our team demoing the application so both parties could make sure the experience was evolving in the right direction!

Our London team, being in the same office as Amplify, was a key player in our communication endeavours, as they would frequently invite Amplify's team to hop over and test the experience with the headset on.

On the interaction side, the Intergalactic team gave the user the ability to walk and teleport around the convention space. This allowed a potential speaker using the VR experience to practice their walk out onto the stage from backstage. Using the Oculus Touch, users can control the screen configuration. A simple push of a button would animate the screens across the stage and update the animations to be displayed.

Once finished, our VR application was promptly sent over to our London base and to the team at Amplify. Amplify met with the Facebook team on in March and the presentation was a success!

We are proud of our amazing team for coming together and making this project happen in a short amount of time!


Project: VR Conference Space Planning App

Client: Amplify, for client Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

Role: Design, 3D Modelling, Front End, Back End Development

Completion: February 2018



IG Team:

PM: Stephanie Lamon, Michael Farquhar, Jasper Squier

Development: Spencer Wannop / CG: David Baylis