Intergalactic is an award-winning Creative Tech company providing interactive digital solutions to major brands and events around the globe.

We create custom mobile apps, interactive screens, web development, application design, content and visualisations.




From micro-sites to web platforms, we design, develop and maintain digital touchpoints for our clients.


Event tools

When off the shelf solutions don't meet requirements, clients work with us for their custom development.


Brave ideas are at the heart of our installations. We create a range of installations for brands, events and venues.


Wayfinding and data

With our Partners we create visitor solutions to improve their experience and organisers gain insightful data.


Mobile apps

Alongside our sister company Eventbase, we build engaging custom mobile apps for better engagement at events.

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We create film, motion graphics, 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality content for our clients.

Enhanced indoor navigation for personal discovery.


HPE’s annual Discover event focuses on how Hewlett Packard Enterprise and their partners thrive in the Idea Economy by delivering innovative IT solutions that accelerate change, harness data, manage risk, enable agility and empower workforce productivity. With over 10,000 industry leaders including everyone from IT executives, to architects to engineers attending, the event needed an app that was as innovative as the attendees.

Intergalactic created iOS and Android tour apps that utilised Aruba beacons for wayfinding, discovery and delivery of audio content. The app contained five customisable tours in four languages and interest tracking for smart recommendations.

Alongside our sister company Eventbase, we received 4 nominations for The Event Technology Awards for the HPE Discover 2015 London event apps. (HPE) Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Discover event is focused on the Idea Economy and delivers innovative IT solutions that accelerate change, harness data, manage risk, enable agility and empower workforce productivity.

We won for the following categories:
• Best use of Technology for Engagement
• Best use of Technology for a Brand
• Best Proximity Marketing Technology



Augmented Reality app for delegate education.


Intergalactic partnered with London creative agencies, Ogilvy and Jotta, to create an immersive installation for their client, Inmarsat Commercial Aviation & Safety & Ops Services. Inmarsat featured two exhibitor booths at the APEX 2016 tradeshow in Malaysia to showcase their services. One booth was centred around our Augmented Tablet application to highlight 12 in-flight experiences that the company brings to their customers.

The success of the campaign was seen in the excitement by Inmarsat team, airline affiliates, attendees, and shareholders. This translated into increased engagement, partnership leads, positive response from customers, and even a surge in corporate stock valuation. Inmarsat was on the front page of the APEX daily for 2 of the 3 days, which was a direct reflection of the positivity of a story well told at APEX.

You can view the APEX event recap here.

I am delighted and somewhat proud to say that 10 minutes ago Leo announced that GX Aviation is live! All your hard work and efforts paid off with an amazingly positive response as we unveiled Bring It On here in Singapore.
— Dominic Walters - Senior Director, Market Communications & Strategy, Inmarsat UK

High demand ticketing for high demand events


The Sundance Film Festival is one of the world’s preeminent film festivals and is growing in attendance each year. They needed an electronic solution to address the growing issue of wait list crowds and to help drive awareness of available films.

Intergalactic developed the eWaitlist system for Sundance Film Festival which allowed tens of thousands of attendees to simultaneously and securely register without having to attend the venue. The system included a comprehensive administration panel.

The system has been used for 3 consecutive years, and provides an essential tool for the enjoyment and success of the film festival.


A wayfinding kiosk at one of the world's best events.


The Exhibitor Search kiosk and mobile site helped thousands of attendees find their way around one of the largest technology, music and film trade shows in the world - South By Southwest.

As the official provider of mobile apps for South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, our team was asked to produce a concept for a new wayfinding kiosk for the technology trade show portion of the festival.

The solution was an interactive map of the tradeshow, complete with search field, directory, preferred search results for sponsors and a real-time 3D representation of the show. Twitter and Vine add-ins allow sponsors to promote their tradeshow booths.

Our large kiosk design and dual screen interface meant that these are used by many delegates during the show.



Impactful, hyper-targeted VIP engagement 


In just three weeks, we created a simple and fun way for people to understand the future of wearables and customer engagement as envisioned by Intergalactic.

Pure magic. With one tap of the wrist, our Rosé Time app for the Apple Watch delivers a complimentary glass of Rosé to VIP attendees on Cannes Lions Beach using iBeacon technology to track their location and smart notifications from Urban Airship.